Reena Makwana produces illustrations using embroidery, objects, drawings and print. Her work is influenced by curious characters, creatures, social past and present. Please do contact her if you would like to commission any illustration for print and digital or a bespoke framed embroidery or line drawing.



2018 Open exhibition, Loop Design, LCB Depot, Leicester
2018 Embroidery Workshop, The Human Library, Bootle, Liverpool
2017 'South of the River', The Douglas Fir, Crystal Palace, London
2016 'A View on Nature', The National Brain Appeal, Oxo Tower Wharf, London
2016 Finding 50 Fridas, The East End Print Shop, London
2015 Open 2015, Peckham Platform, London
2015 The Poor Door Exhibition, A-side B-side Gallery, Hackney, London
2015 Anonymous Drawings/Anonyme Zeichner, Galerie Nord, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin
2015 'Spring', Paper Plane, Bristol
2015 Les VoiZines, Ghent, Belgium
2015 'Drawn Together', A Thin Place, Luton
2014 'Expedition No.2: To The North, A secret club/En hemmelig klub, Aarhus, Denmark
2014, Open 2014, Peckham Platform, London
2014 'A Letter in Mind', The National Brain Appeal, Oxo Tower Wharf, London
2014 'A View of Harrogate', Baa Ram Ewe, Harrogate, Yorkshire
2014 'Expedition No.1: The Eastern Forests', A secret club/En hemmelig klub, Aarhus, Denmark
2013 'Visible Friends', A secret club/En hemmelig klub, Aarhus, Denmark
2013 Open 2013, Peckham Space, London
2013 'Imprint', Craft Central, London
2013 'Sightings' - An Exhibition by Freya Lines and Reena Makwana, Craft Central, London
2013 'Progress In Work III' Residency, Utrophia, Deptford, London
2012 Open 2012, Peckham Space, London
2012 'The Great Outdoors', Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, London
2012 Aspidistra X Launch, FoodFace Projects, Peckham, London
2012 'Eat Everything', 18 Hewett Street Gallery, London
2012 DrunkenWerewolf Exhibition at Canteen, Bristol Ladyfest
2011 'Eat What You Like', Beach Gallery, London
2011 'Now We Do Shellac', Sassoon Gallery, London
2011 'Postcards from Europe', Wem Town Hall, Shropshire
2011 'Science Fiction Ladies', L Gallery, Wieden and Kennedy, London
2011 'Dialogo/Dialogue', dalla Rosa Gallery, London
2010 'They Is Us', The Sassoon Gallery, London
2010 20x20 magazine's ' Collected Visions' at Madame Lillie's, London
2010 'Nesting In The Stairwell' at Wieden+Kennedy London
2009 'Noise of Art' East End Arts Club, Swanfield Yard, London
2009 'Golden Hands', Hibbleton Gallery, Fullerton, California, USA
2008 'Almost the size of a small grown cat' Supine Studios, London
2008 'Postcard Show 2008', Surface Gallery, Nottingham
2008 'Camberwell College of Arts, Summer Show'
2008 'Afterword', The Hall, Camberwell College of Art and Design, London
2007 'Opening Night', The Open Room, Melange, Kingsland Road, London
2007 'Future Shorts- Feel the Love', Brixton Ritzy, London
2006 'Lords of the Doom Wind', The Redgate Gallery, London
2006 'Fine Art Printmaking Elective Exhibition', The Sassoon Gallery, London


Journal Errratum Issue 17: Urban Exploration
OOMK - Issue 6: Food
At The Table - online editorial illustration
At The Table - Issue 2
Fashion Revolution zine
FWYL - Jarvis Cocker Illustration for Cath Bore's 'This Is Hardcore' piece.
Nordic Bakery - Cinnamon Bun Week September 2015
TOAST magazine - Issue 1, Milk/Tea/Bread event illustration
majestic disorder magazine - Issue 3, 5
City Lit summer 2014/main guide 2014-15/Term 2 2015/Term 3/summer 2015 course guide - selected editorial illustrations
Illustrate Your Life - Pieces - Book 2
Floral Press 'Sow-Bloom-Wilt' Book Project
Prototype Magazine - Issue 5 - Transformation
Logo for All Women Mentoring Programme - East London Fawcett Society
OOMK - Issue 1: Fabric
Limner Journal - Issue 2
Drawing The Pictures Zine
Aspidistra - Issue X
A Multi-Disciplinary Nick Cave Reader - Silkworm Publishing
Eat Me Magazine – Issues 3 - 8
Inc. Magazine – 'Places' – Issue 5
Shebang Magazine – Issue 3
Toy magpie produced for Helen Frik Installation 'Difficult', Chapter Gallery, Cardiff
dalla ROSA gallery – embroidered gallery sign
NVA Glasgow - twEATs publication for Glasgow Harvest Festival
20x20 magazine - Issues 2 & 4
Wieden and Kennedy London - Nokia
DrunkenWerewolf – Issues 9-13 and flyer designs
Blanket Magazine – Issue 20 and one of 12 winners of the 2011 Calender Competition
Roast Books Publishing – stock Illustrations for project.
Early Winter Recordings/Domino Records - Created five hand -stitched seven-inch covers for James Yorkston and The Big Eye Family Player's 'Martinmas Time/ Nottanum Town' release


2005-2008 BA Illustration, Camberwell College of Art and Design, London
2003-2004 Foundation Studies in Art and Design, Kingston University